Ongoing projects

INTERLACE – International Cooperation to Restore and Connect Urban Environments in Latin America and Europe

Green infrastructure | Research

In September 2020, we started the implementation of a new project financed by the Horizon 2020 programme. The project aims to support cities from Europe and Latin America in effective restoration and rehabilitation of urban ecosystems to make cities more livable, resilient and inclusive. The project creates many mechanisms for the exchange of experiences and active cooperation, both at the local, regional and global level. Read more

Climate Mitigation in Heritage Buildings

Education | Participation | Research

At the beginning of September we started a new project in cooperation with Croatian Green Building Council that will contribute to an increased understanding, acceptance and uptake of climate friendly solutions and renovation procedures in historical buildings among municipal decision makers and key experts. Read more

CLEARING HOUSE project on urban forest NBS

Green infrastructure | Research

Joint European-Chinese Collaborative Learning project on the role of Urban Forest nature-based solutions (UF-NBS) for sustainable urbanisation and resilient cities, launched at the beginning of September 2019. Sendzimir Foundation is among 27 partner institutions realising the project. It is a project on urban forests and nature-based solutions with the aim to enhance the resilience of cities that are facing major environmental, socio-economic and cultural transitions and challenges. Read more

Finished projects

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Challenges of sustainable water management


Challenges of sustainable water management – Ecosystem services in the era of climate change project aims at improving water management and the use of ecosystem services in urban areas in a manner conducive to water protection. Read more


LAPNET provides a forum for alumni of the Summer Academy to maintain their connections with each other, foster institutional growth, promote the Sendzimir Foundation, and advance the cause of sustainable development. Read more

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