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Warsaw catches the water

The project created and implemented by the Sendzimir Foundation for the Green Areas Management (ZZW) unit in the City of Warsaw as part of the program for the sustainable management of surface and rainwater in the city.

The first edition took place in 2017, when the Foundation from August to November was supporting ZZW substantively in working out directions of activities related to rainwater management and in the construction of cooperation with stakeholders – including business, for the greening of the city. As part of the second edition in autumn 2018, rain gardens in Praga district were established.

What was the advisory support for ZZW?

  • development of the strategy of cooperation of ZZW with business for greening the city,
  • working out the main parts of the Program for sustainable rainwater management among representatives of diverse city units (about 50 people from different departments),
  • training for representatives of ZZW, road management unit and several other departments of the City of Warsaw in the field of innovative solutions for blue and green infrastructure implementation.

What educational events addressed to Warsaw residents we managed to implement?

  • an international PARK(ing) Day, where in a friendly environment we discussed topics related to water in the city (September 15, 2017),
  • urban game regarding rainwater management in Warsaw (October 22, 2017),
  • engaging workshops for primary and secondary schools with the creation of rain gardens (September – October 2017),
  • rain gardens in the surrounding of OSiR in Praga district (November 2018),
  • creation of a “whiteboard” film about water cycle in the city explaining how it is influenced by diverse space management for screening in public transport,
  • preparation of various educational and information materials bringing the issues raised during the project closer to the residents, in particular brochures for communities and housing cooperatives, instruction brochures about rain gardens and the retention basins.
  • creating a map of exemplary retention-friendly places in Warsaw.

Urban game on the topic of sustainable rainwater management participants (October 2017, Warsaw)

PARK(ing) day happening in Warsaw city center (September 2017)

Practical workshop for kids about rainwater management and climate change adaptation – building a rain garden in the school yard (October 2017, Warsaw)

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