Green areas management

Consulting services

We support local governments throughout Poland in implementing good practices in green areas management, developing new procedures and standards, exchanging experiences between cities in Poland and abroad.

Research, development of strategic documents, dialogue with stakeholders

We conduct research and analyses, develop reports and strategic documents related to the management of green and blue infrastructure; we implement workshops aiming at the exchange of experience for officials (see: Cross-sectoral cooperation project) as well as specialised trainings (see: Green Leader and Climate NBS projects); we initiate dialogue between various institutions involved in the management of green areas.

The scale of implemented projects

We operate locally and carry out nationwide and international projects.

We implement our own projects and projects at the request of local government institutions. Learn more by reading about our projects.

What makes us diffrent?

  • we operate based on current scientific knowledge, which we try to translate into practical initiatives;
  • we cooperate with leading scientific institutions in Poland and Europe, constantly collecting good practices and interesting solutions (see: Partners);
  • we implement all projects in partnership with various entities engaged in the management of green areas in cities;
  • we prepare publications on urban nature management, which reach a wide range of specialist recipients (see: Publications).

If you are interested in cooperation with the Sendzimir Foundation, see the Collaboration section.

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