Postgraduate Studies in Sustainable Urban Development Management

The Cracow University of Technology and the Sendzimir Foundation in cooperation with INTBAU Poland have already completed two editions of the annual Postgraduate Studies in Sustainable Urban Development Management.

The main goal of the the Programme is to raise students qualifications in the field of integrated management of urban development. It is worth noting that in December 2016, the Studies were appreciated for its innovative approach to the issues and received the Rector’s Award of the Cracow University of Technology. In 2018 our Programme has been awarded the “Studies for the future” certificate, that is given to the most modern and innovative fields of study in Poland.

We develop knowledge and practical skills of integrated management, synergically combining the achievements of natural, technical and social sciences. The acquired qualifications help to translate theories, strategies, programs and European and regional funds into effective actions at the local level.

What do Alumni think about the Programme?

“I would be happy to repeat this studies. More practice than theory, for me the best.”

Katarzyna Książczak, trainer, coordinator, advisor, Opus Center

“I sincerely recommend to all interested parties in urban issues, people who are interested in a fresh, very substantive approach to sustainable urban development. All the lecturers have amazing knowledge, supported by years of practice, but what is important, also the Passion that infects listeners. I regret that this study is not two years! ”

Joanna Wendorff, Cisco Kraków, president of the board of the Free Time Foundation

“I would like to recommend participation in the studies of CHMP to anyone who wants to get to know better and understand the complexity of sustainable urban development processes. The lecturers and the atmosphere of the study encourage reflection and inspire to act for a better tomorrow. ”

Daniel Wrzoszczyk, director of the Krakow Metropolis Association

Subjects of the Study:

Integrated management – synergically combining the achievements of natural, technical and social sciences – allows, for example, the use of ecosystem services for improving the quality of life in the city; increases the city’s competitiveness; improves spatial management and effective management of landscape resources and cultural heritage; it facilitates shaping the image of the city, implementation of new infrastructure investments, conducting revitalization processes and development of sustainable construction.

We teach the most up-to-date, practical methods and tools for managing complex systems, mobility, water resources, ecosystem services, participation processes – for the simultaneous improvement of the quality of the environment and the vitality of the economy.

Studies show the potential of local urban and architectural traditions; the possibilities of creative reference to the best spatial development patterns; principles and methods of renewal as well as designing and planning new buildings and public spaces with a human scale.

Integrated development management takes into account the broad context of the functioning of communities and local governments. This is necessary for the implementation of low-carbon policy and adaptation to climate change. It also allows:

  • increasing the effectiveness of participatory processes
  • improvement of spatial management and effective management of landscape and cultural heritage resources
  • development of blue-green infrastructure for improving the quality of life
  • supporting revitalization processes and development of sustainable construction
  • increasing the competitiveness of the local economy

Staff and educational process:

The staff of our studies are made up of the most prominent theoreticians and practitioners of sustainable local development; employees of several national universities (PK, AGH, UEK, UJ, UŁ, UR) and Munich University of Technology, University of Iceland in Reykjavík and Viadrina University, as well as local government officials and specialists associated with the NGO sector.

Education is oriented to practical skills. Theoretical knowledge is regularly verified and consolidated in the workshop and project work. The key element of the study program is an integrated diploma project, with an innovative form and scope, implemented in close cooperation with the local government administration and on current issues important to the selected local community.

Target group:

  • Representatives of local governments, NGOs, city officials, town planners, consultants;
  • Students and graduates planning careers in local administration or local governments.

Duration of classes:

2 semesters (Friday afternoons and Saturdays)

Detailed information and contact:

Head of postgraduate studies:

Dr Tomasz Jeleński / T: +48 601 400 395 / E:

International Center for Education at the Cracow University of Technology

Skarżyńskiego 1, 31-866 Kraków

T: 12 628 36 42 / E:

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