We are open to cooperation on various projects in the area of our interest from planning to implementation. We are involved in the preparation of grant applications in cross-sectoral partnerships at the national and international levels.
We offer services in the field of our interests, the profits if they appear are spent entirely on co-financing the Foundation statutory activities.
Below you can find exemplary fields of collaboration. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Designing nature-based solutions

We prepare nature-based solution designs in cooperation with experienced engineers and supervise their implementation. In particular, we specialize in facilities that increase landscape retention.


Specialized Training Programs

We offer specialized trainings, in the field of sustainable development, green infrastructure, green areas management, participatory processes and strategic planning.


Practical Workshops

We can organise engaging workshops for you, during which a rain garden, flower meadow, retention basin or other element of blue-green infrastructure will be created.


Public Consultations

We plan and carry out participatory processes using innovative tools, including VISIS Pyramid, Planning for Real and many more.

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