Count on green – participatory nature management in the city

The goal of the project was to implement innovative methods of nature management in three Polish cities – Krakow, Lodz and Poznan. This included creating an interactive platform for research, consultation and monitoring of the quality of nature; building a dialogue between local self-governments and social partners as well as a number of educational activities and involving urban residents.

The project was under the honorary patronage of the Mayors of Krakow, Łódź and Poznań, and the Ministry of Administration and Digitization.

Report A fresh look at greenery summarising the results of the project contains the results of research and a description of the main effects of the project.

Nature in cities provides many necessary services that determine the healthy and comfortable life of residents and sustainable development of the area. However, there are less and less of green areas in cities, and their management often causes social conflicts. Cooperation based on open dialogue between residents, non-governmental organisations and representatives of local administration is needed to change this situation.

As part of the project, we have developed an innovative innovative platform Count on Green in cooperation with a project partner from Helsinki, based on the softGIS technology. The platform has been used to conduct research on the perception of nature in partner cities of the project. An application for mobile devices was also used to enable easier participation in the research. The platform was closed in 2017.

An important event within the project was a study visit of representatives of Polish municipal governments in Helsinki.

You can learn more about the project’s activities from the information leaflet.

Project co-financed by Switzerland as part of the Swiss cooperation program with new EU member states. Co-financing rate: CHF 192 299,33  Detailed information on co-financing can be found at:

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