We conduct specialist training activities for various entities (local government institutions, companies, non-governmental organizations) in English and Polish. We also carry out numerous training programmes as part of our own projects (for example: Climate NBS, Green Leader, Climate Mitigation in Heritage Buildings).

Topics of our trainings

We conduct all our workshops using interactive and engaging methods, in small groups.

The examples of the trainings we provide are:

  • blue-green infrastructure, including NBS design (see most recent programmes under Climate NBS, Green Leader projects)
  • various aspects of urban green areas management;
  • public procurement of products and services related to management of green areas (currently online training is available in Polish: Green areas protection in public procurement);
  • adapting cities to climate change and increasing landscape retention (new trainings will be available see: Climate Mitigation in Heritage Buildings);
  • development of innovations for sustainable development;
  • conducting participative decision-making processes (most recent activities in that filed see: Common space project).

Practical workshops

We conduct workshops that aim at creating various elements of blue-green infrastructure (including rain gardens, flower meadows, water purifying islets, retention reservoirs, revitalization of water reservoirs); our workshops are addressed to a wide range of recipients; commissioned by local government, educational institutions, community centers, non-governmental organizations and organised within their own projects (see for example: My Forest, Warsaw catches water projects).

What workshops do we have in our offer? Check here.

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