Green infrastructure

Rain gardens in Lodz

In May and June 2015, during a series of workshops, we created model rain gardens with the participation of Lodz inhabitants, in the surrounding of institutions available to the public (culture centres, social welfare institutions etc.).

All realised gardens can be found on the online map. The project received support from the Provincial Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management in Łódź.

The purpose of the workshops was to familiarise the participants with possible methods of creating retaining water gardens  in urban landscape, so as to reduce the threat flooding associated with heavy rain events and resulting failure of storm sewers systems in urban areas. We also wanted to provide residents with a better understanding of water circulation in the city, the importance of retention and the role of plants in cleaning rainwater from the roofs of buildings and other sealed surfaces.

We hope that gardens will be motivating the residents to create similar objects in their own neighbourhood.

As part of the project, we have also developed brochures and instructional videos that explain how to create your own rain garden. Feel free to use them but in Polish only!

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