Blue and green infrastructure

Realisation and design of blue and green infrastructure

We design and implement a variety of nature-based solutions that help increase landscape retention (rain gardens, retention basins, infiltration roundabouts, flower meadows, water purifying islets, etc.). We try to do the majority of them engaging people (residents, schools, kindergartens etc.) in a workshop kind of event. All our realisations can be found on the Map of retention friendly places. We also realise participatory design workshops for diverse stakeholders using engaging methods to solve real-life problems.

Developing grant proposals in partnership with stakeholders

We are experienced and successful in applying for grants for projects related to the implementation of pilot nature-based solutions connected with educational activities. We realise some of those projects on our own. However we also develop partner projects with cities, rural communes and other stakeholders to apply for funding from diverse sources.

Training activities

We provide practical training events for city officials, landscape designers and business representatives in the field of blue and green infrastructure (see for example Climate NBS or Green Leader projects).

We implement educational activities directed to residents (happenings, urban games, educational films, publications), supporting green areas management.

Publishing activities

We prepare specialist publications (see for example The catalogue of urban nature-based solutions or the series Sustainable Development – Applications) and brochures addressed to a wide audience as well as instructional videos (see: Publications).

If you are interested in cooperation with the Sendzimir Foundation, see the Collaboration section.