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Cross-sectoral cooperation for green areas in Polish cities

The aim of the project is to initiate dialogue and exchange of experience on the management of green areas in cities. In order to develop a sustainable, cross-sectoral, partnership-based cooperation and exchange of experience between entities involved in the creation and management of urban green areas and other stakeholders.

Therefore, the project is directed not only to municipal officials and decision-makers but also representatives of NGOs and business. As part of the project, we improve communication at various levels. On the one hand, we work in working groups made up of officials from different cities, and on the other, at the level of a given city, we create platforms for dialogue with business representatives. We also support units responsible for managing green areas in the cities in developing cooperation with representatives of other units whose activities affect green areas management (road management, municipal investments, etc.)

Themes covered by the project

The project consists of several thematic blocks that cover the most important challenges of cross-sectoral management of green areas identified at the stage of project preparation in cooperation with partner cities:

  • standards and procedures for nature protection in urban areas;
  • green public procurement for products and services related with green areas management;
  • stakeholder engagement in green areas management and alternative ways of financing green areas development;
  • access to information about green public space and its management.

Project activities

There as a wide range of activities realised under the project such as:

  • specialist workshops and trainings for municipality specialists;
  • research and publications related to all four topics;
  • e-learning courses on green public procurement for green areas managers;
  • training programme for landscape architects and other stakeholders engages in nature management in the city;
  • running educational website on ecosystem services management in Polish:;
  • final conference enabling the exchange of knowledge and experience among representatives of the municipalities.


The Sendzimir Foundation realises the project in close cooperation with the city of Jaworzno, Krakow, Lodz, Warsaw and Wroclaw.

Project value: 775 293,00 PLN

Financing from the EU Cohesion Fund: 658 999,05 PLN

Project duration: May 2017 – April 2019

Salvador Rueda presenting Barcelona’s “Superblocks approach” during the Project’s Final Conference (March 2019, Warsaw)

Participants of the Final Conference (March 2019, Warsaw)

Best practice session – world cafe, Final Conference (March 2019, Warsaw)

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