Wisła w Warszawie

Urban river valleys ecosystems

In February 2022, we started the project Urban river valleys ecosystems. The potential of ecosystem services in anthropogenic climate change mitigation. In collaboration with Phronesis SA in Oslo, we will raise awareness of the river valley ecosystems’ value for life quality and climate change mitigation in cities.
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Panorama Dzielnicy Wawer z budynkiem Urzędu Dzielnicy po lewej stronie.

Climate-friendly school

In January 2022, we started the implementation of a two-year project. It aims to deepen the knowledge of primary school students and teachers about the role of blue-green infrastructure in adapting to climate change. In partnership with the Warsaw – Wawer District Office and PS Paaby Prosess – Edu_Action from Norway, we will create an education centre for the people in the city. Read more

kamienice nad wodą w Amsterdamie

REACHOUT – Tools for Urban Climate Resilience

We are starting to realise a new project funded by the Horizon 2020 program that aims to create local policies supporting European cities and municipalities in adapting to climate change and mitigating its effects. Read more

Koniczyna łąkowa w przybliżeniu.

Co-design workshop on River Parks in Krakow

On 13th October 2020 in Krakow a workshop on municipal greenery, especially River Parks, took place. Its aim was to analyse the role of aforementioned River Parks in the development of the city, its climate adaptation and other present challenges.

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