Ongoing projects

FuturHist – Tailored intervention solutions for future-proofing historic buildings

In January 2024, we launched a new project under the Horizon Europe Programme Climate, Energy, and Mobility. FuturHist aims to develop replicable retrofit solutions for historic buildings of the future. The project’s ambition is to shift the focus from individual buildings to building typologies. It will help create a more sustainable and energy-efficient built environment while preserving historic structures. Read more

Climate-friendly school

Education | Green infrastructure

In January 2022, we started the implementation of a two-year project. It aims to deepen the knowledge of primary school students and teachers about the role of blue-green infrastructure in adapting to climate change. In partnership with the Warsaw – Wawer District Office and PS Paaby Prosess – Edu_Action from Norway, we created an education centre for the people in the city. Read more

REACHOUT – Tools for Urban Climate Resilience

Education | Research

We are starting to realise a new project funded by the Horizon 2020 program that aims to create local policies supporting European cities and municipalities in adapting to climate change and mitigating its effects. Read more

INTERLACE – International Cooperation to Restore and Connect Urban Environments in Latin America and Europe

Green infrastructure | Research

In September 2020, we started the implementation of a new project financed by the Horizon 2020 programme. The project aims to support cities from Europe and Latin America in effective restoration and rehabilitation of urban ecosystems to make cities more livable, resilient and inclusive. The project creates many mechanisms for the exchange of experiences and active cooperation, both at the local, regional and global levels. Read more

Finished projects

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Green Zawiercie – participation for nature in the city


In partnership with the City of Zawiercie and the consulting company Alta from Iceland, we are implementing a one-year project Zielone Zawiercie (04.2022 – 04.2023), as part of which we will develop with the residents the concepts for the development of two parks. Read more

Urban river valleys ecosystems

Education | Green infrastructure | Research

From February 2022 till January 2024, we realised the project Urban River Valleys Ecosystems. The potential of ecosystem services in anthropogenic climate change mitigation. In collaboration with Phronesis SA in Oslo, we were raising awareness of the river valley ecosystems’ value for life quality and climate change mitigation in cities.
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Climate NBS Poland

Education | Green infrastructure

The project Climate Mitigation through Nature-Based Solutions in Urban Poland (Climate NBS Poland) was realised by the Sendzimir Foundation in partnership with the Ecologic Institute from Berlin from October 2018 till November 2020 thanks to funding from GIZ on behalf of the government of the Federal Republic of Germany. Read more

CLEARING HOUSE project on urban forest NBS

Green infrastructure | Research

Joint European-Chinese Collaborative Learning project on the role of Urban Forest nature-based solutions (UF-NBS) for sustainable urbanisation and resilient cities, launched at the beginning of September 2019. Sendzimir Foundation is among 27 partner institutions realising the project. It is a project on urban forests and nature-based solutions to enhance the resilience of cities that are facing major environmental, socio-economic and cultural transitions and challenges. Read more

Cross-sectoral cooperation for green areas in Polish cities

Education | Green infrastructure

The aim of the project is to initiate dialogue and exchange of experience on the management of green areas in cities. In order to develop a sustainable, cross-sectoral, partnership-based cooperation and exchange of experience between entities involved in the creation and management of urban green areas and other stakeholders. Read more

Warsaw catches the water

Education | Green infrastructure

The project created and implemented by the Sendzimir Foundation for the Green Areas Management (ZZW) unit in the City of Warsaw as part of the program for the sustainable management of surface and rainwater in the city.
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Joint actions for biodiversity


As part of the second Citizens’ Initiative project, we have implemented 15 initiatives in various parts of Poland. The project covered 12 communes, located in 6 provinces. Read more

Hosting Social Innovation

For two years, thanks to this EU Erasmus+ project, we had the opportunity to deal intensively with the questions: How can we support people and organizations in transformation towards innovation? Read more