COMMON SPACE – participatory spatial planning in local communities 

In March 2019, we launched a new project on participatory spatial planning. We encourage local authorities to enter into cooperation and follow our activities. 

Implementer: The Sendzimir Foundation

Title of the project: COMMON SPACE – participatory spatial planning in local communities 

Project duration: from March 1, 2019, to February 28, 2022. 

Scope of the project: 

Support (substantive, technical and financial) of the process of in-depth social consultations of spatial planning documents. 

Project directed to municipalities: rural, urban-rural and urban areas from all over Poland. 

Scope of support under the project:

  • grants of 20 000 PLN on average,
  • substantive support throughout preparation and implementation of the extended social consultations process;
  • access to softGIS PLATFORM developed under the project (incl. collecting data from residents and mapping problems, data analysis).

In addition, training support is provided for employees of communes that will join the project. 


Agnieszka Czachowska (

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