Innovations for sustainable development

What does innovation mean to us?

Under the concept of innovation, we understand all new elements introduced to a given system that we work with. That is why our projects always include an element of collecting and disseminating good practices and exchanging experiences.

Knowledge brokering

We organise study visits (see for example NBS study visit to Berlin), collect good practices and publish them in the form of book publications, brochures and films (see: Publications). We conduct research and discuss the challenges and solutions with stakeholders (see for example Climate NBS and Climate Mitigation in Heritage Buildings projects). We translate the latest scientific achievements into practical realisations, test new solutions in Polish conditions (under for example Clearing House and INTERLACE Horizon 2020 projects).

Different points of view

In our projects, we try to engage interdisciplinary groups of participants allowing them to confront different perspectives, paradigms and viewpoints.

Tools that stimulate innovation

We use tools that support the development of innovative ideas and solutions, including the tools of the VISIS Sustainable Development Accelerator. The basis of our work is system analysis.

If you are interested in cooperation with the Sendzimir Foundation, see the Collaboration section.