This piece of Park is mine… – participation for nature in the city

The Sendzimir Foundation project, which aimed to carry out a participatory process for planning the development of two municipal parks in Jaworzno – Park Podłęże and Park Lotników.

The main objective of the project was that the residents decide what the parks will look like.

Project implementation period: 2014-2015

Parks in cities play an extremely important role, apart from the aesthetic function they also fulfil a recreational function, they are a place of rest, games, where residents willingly come and spend their free time. Unfortunately, as it turns out, it is not possible in every city to spend free time in the way residents would like it to, near their place of residence. There may be many reasons for this total lack of development of urban areas or worse, their inadequate development, failing to meet the expectations of stakeholders, often as simple as a playground, bench or litter bin.

In order not to create a similar situation, we believe that cooperation between city residents, non-governmental organizations and representatives of local administration is necessary.

Among the activities under the project there were three public forums, two-stage project workshops, executive workshops accompanied by the third public forum and the final activity crowning the project – opening of the park combined with an exhibition of works carried out throughout the project implementation.

As part of the project, there was also a study visit to Iceland realised, from which good practices can be found in the report.

Project effects

In the elaboration of guidelines included in the development plans of both parks developed together with residents, the City Council of Jaworzno commissioned execution of detailed designs. Park Podłęże will be constructed in 2017, while Park Lotników  in 2016.

The project was implemented by the Sendzimir Foundation as part of the Citizens for Democracy program financed by the EEA Grants with the assistance of partners: the City Hall of Jaworzno and the MS Design Studio.

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