Planning and conducting consultations

Social participation and supporting of the dialogue between various stakeholder groups in areas related to sustainable urban development is an important part of all of our projects. While planning the participatory processes, we support local governments and other institutions in the implementation of public consultations; additionally, during our workshops with stakeholders, we teach professionals how to implement a participatory approach and conduct interactive workshops.

Participation is a crucial element of all our projects

In all projects that we implement, we try to target activities to diverse audiences and initiate dialogue between different sectors.

What makes our offer unique?

  • we use innovative tools, including VISIS Accelerator (Pyramid, Compass, Ameba); Planning for Real and many others;
  • we create our tools to study the social perception of environmental issues with the use of softGIS technology (see: Count for Green project);
  • we have architects with experience in conducting participatory processes in our team (see: Team);
  • we specialise in areas such as nature protection, urban greenery management, revitalisation, sustainable rainwater management, climate change adaptation and mitigation (see: Projects).

If you are interested in cooperation with the Sendzimir Foundation, look for opportunities in the Collaboration section of our website.