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EFUF 2023 Book of Abstracts

Book of Abstracts presents all of the presentations and posters at the 25th edition of the European Forum on Urban Forestry (EFUF), which is being held for the first time in Poland.

More information can be found on the project website: https://efuf.org/

Catalogue of urban nature-based solutions

This catalogue is designed to support planners, designers and landscape architects in various sized urban areas in Europe and beyond in applying NBS instead of or alongside traditional approaches. The publication responds to challenges and presents a wide selection of NBS.

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Sustainable Development Applications series

Sustainable Development Applications series has been established to promote tools and case studies of good practice related to sustainable development, both in Poland and abroad.

Ludzie budujący ogród deszczowy. Dziewczynka wysypująca żwir, mężczyzna sadzący rośliny.

“Nature friendly space” films series

As part of the My Forest project, a series of instructional videos was created explaining how to implement nature based solutions around the house and how to cultivate the surrounding greenery in a nature-friendly way. Read more

Retention friendly places – map

Rain gardens, retention basins, green walls, roofs, tramway tracks, more and more such elements of green and blue infrastructure appear in our cities. Read more

Film pod tytułem ,,Warszawa chwyta wodę".

Warsaw catches the water – film

Educational film about re-sealing of the city, implemented by the Sendzimir Foundation for ZZW as part of the project Warsaw catches the water.

Available in Polish.

Live Your Dream! Start now. Start here – workbook

As part of the Hosting Social Innovation project and in cooperation with partner organizations, we have prepared a workbook for people interested in their own development aimed at following their passions and shaping the environment according to their values. Read more

Host transformation – series of films

As part of the Hosting Social Innovation project, together with our partners, we have developed short instructional videos on selected methods supporting social innovation. Read more

Water in the city (5/2014)

The book focuses on the topic of water in the city. The role of urban water ecosystems in shaping a sustainable city, in particular their impact on the quality of life of residents is being explained by diverse experts and practicioners. Read more

Nature in the city. Solutions (4/2013)

The book for practitioners of green areas management in cities. It is a continuation of the publication “Nature in the city”.  Discusses organizational and technical solutions related to the maintenance of nature in the city, inspiring examples of methods for obtaining funds for greening the cities from Poland and abroad. It provides practical guidance on tree protection, cross-sectoral cooperation for green areas, tools supporting effective urban green areas management.