Practical Workshops

We implement engaging workshops for various groups of recipients, during which we create diverse objects of blue-green infrastructure.

Why is it worth organizing practical workshops?

  • They build commitment and integrate participants around nature-friendly activities.
  • A diverse group of people, of different ages and of different fitness can take part in them, there will be a task for everyone.
  • They allow participants to understand the importance of blue-green infrastructure in the city as a tool for adapting to climate change and increasing biodiversity.
  • They teach how to make a visually attractive element of blue-green infrastructure in their own neighborhood.
  • As a result, a selected element of blue-green infrastructure is created, which is part of the adaptation of the city to climate change and the protection of biodiversity!

What kinds of workshops can we help you organize?

The following one or half a day workshops can be arranged for you, if you need something else, we can adapt to specific conditions:

  • Rain gardens DIY workshop
  • Native plants garden workshop
  • Natural gardening practices workshop
  • Filtrating plant islands DIY workshop
  • Biodiverse meadows DIY workshop

To get an impression from our workshops you can watch the videos.

For more information contact:

Judyta Łuczyńska