Catalogue of urban nature-based solutions

This catalogue is designed to support planners, designers and landscape architects in various sized urban areas in Europe and beyond in applying NBS instead of or alongside traditional approaches. The publication responds to challenges and presents a wide selection of NBS.

It has been produced within the “Climate NBS Poland” project and supported by the European Climate Initiative (EUKI) of the German Ministry of Envi­ronment. Case studies focus on NBS which have been deployed in Germany. However, these exemplify high climate mitigation potential and applicability across a range of urban contexts. Information on cost-effectiveness and NBS’ potential to mitigate climate change are presented alongside implementation guidelines. The selected case studies show how NBS can be used in combi­nation with one another in order to create systemic solutions that address multiple urban challenges in parallel – at sites as small as a playground or as large as an entire city.

The catalogue is complemented by “Addressing climate change in cities: Policy instruments to promote na­ture-based solutions”, a guide on policy instruments that can be used to foster NBS uptake in cities that is under preparation.