Specialized Training Programs

We provide training for public institutions, local governments, companies and non-governmental organizations.

What types of trainings can we offer?

  • specialized tailor-made trainings, responding to the specific needs of recipients,
  • strategic planning workshops designed in a way to search for creative solutions for various problems in diverse stakeholder groups,
  • engaging short workshops during conferences, fairs, educational events,
  • presentations at conferences, seminars, participation in discussion panels,
  • e-learning trainings and webinars.

We develop classroom scenarios, training programs (see for example: Green Leader and Climate NBS training programs), educational materials and textbooks (see: Publications).

What makes our offer special?

  • we use innovative tools such as VISIS Accelerator, Planning for Real and many others,
  • we create original training programs in close cooperation with experts and scientists from leading universities,
  • we have many years of experience in education for sustainable development, we were pioneers in Poland conducting intensive training programs in the field of sustainability since 1998, our flagship product was the Academy Challenges of Sustainable Development in Poland that we realised for 15 years in a row,
  • we cooperate with a group of trainers connected with the Foundation for many years,
  • we have developed and published a sustainable development handbook Challenges for sustainable development in Poland, which for many lecturers and trainers is still an important didactic material,
  • we created and co-ran Postgraduate studies at the Cracow University of Technology;
  • we created and ran e-learning trainings in Polish and English for over 10 years, which have already been completed by over 2,000 people.

For more information please contact:

Karolina Maliszewska
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