Designing nature-based solutions

We prepare nature-based solution designs in cooperation with experienced engineers and supervise their implementation. In particular, we specialize in facilities that increase landscape retention.

What makes our offer unique?

  • supervision over all projects by one of the most experiences engineers in the field Tomasz Bergier, PhD;
  • individual approach to each project;
  • we draw inspiration from good practices from abroad, we learn technical details as part of ongoing projects (including ClimateNBS Poland)
  • the opportunity to supplement the implementation with practical workshops for various groups of recipients in the field of landscape retention (see: Practical workshops);
  • original educational and instructional materials (see: brochures and films in Polish only);
  • the largest experience in the implementation of rain gardens in Poland (about 30 completed gardens).

Examples of our realizations:

Rainwater filtering roundabout that accepts rainwater from the surface of roads, sidewalks and a bicycle path.

Rain gardens in the ground and in containers to prevent local flooding

Retention basins

If you would like to learn more please contact:

Judyta Łuczyńska