Tomasz Bergier, PhD

Researcher and lecturer at the AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow. His areas of scientific interest are practical aspects of sustainable development, in particular sustainable water management and ecological engineering.

Lecturer, trainer and experienced coordinator of the Summer Academy Challenge of Sustainable Development since 1998. Trainer and lecturer at numerous training events in the field of sustainable development and environmental protection in Poland and abroad, one of the initiators and contractors of the Polish-German project SaLMaR (Sustainable Land and Water Management of Reservoir Catchments), a member of the Program Board for Water and Sewage Management of the Krakow City, coordinator of the European EasyEco 2005-2007 program. Scientific editor of the book Sustainable Development Challenges and Sustainable Development – Applications publication series. Author of numerous publications on sustainable development, water and sewage management. Licensed trainer of the VISIS method.