Challenges of sustainable water management

Challenges of sustainable water management – Ecosystem services in the era of climate change project aims at improving water management and the use of ecosystem services in urban areas in a manner conducive to water protection. This objective applies to both city management and business entities operating within their territories as well as other organisations. The main objective of the project was implemented by including in the everyday planning practice and decision-making processes the principles and tools for sustainable development, including the latest achievements in the field of ecology and economics.

Implementation period: September 2011 – March 2013

Detailed objectives:

  • dissemination of an approach based on analysis and valuation of water-dependent ecosystem services in planning sustainable development of cities and companies;
  • increased awareness of the hydrological cycle in urban areas and the need to care for natural retention in urban space management;
  • popularising good practices and effective solutions used in other European cities;
  • dissemination of a sustainable, integrated approach to water management in urban areas, with the participation of broad stakeholder groups;
  • creating an environment of specialists – practitioners of sustainable local development and sustainable development of the organization.

The project was directed to people involved in water management, in particular to:

  • Decision makers, local government authorities at various levels of municipalities;
  • Representatives of other institutions, NGOs and entities involved in activities related to water management, land development and management of green areas in urban areas;
  • Representatives of companies, including in particular developers, construction companies, etc. – significant stakeholders who, through their business activities, have a significant impact on the local management of water ecosystem services;
  • Students and young practitioners interested in the subject of sustainable water management and professional development in this area.

The project included a number of diverse, interrelated, mutually reinforcing activities:

  • a series of e-learning and stationary trainings in the field of sustainable management of water ecosystem services, providing practical skills in this area;
  • publication of a book from the series of Sustainable Development – Applications, containing practical guidelines on how to introduce innovative solutions for water management in Polish cities;
  • running a website describing good practices, innovative technical solutions that can be implemented both by enterprises and urban residents
  • educational brochures;

These activities were planned in a manner ensuring effective inclusion of a wide group of stakeholders in the project, both at the local level (Toruń, Kraków, Łódź), as well as nationwide and international (Baltic Sea Basin).

Project have been realised under the honorary patronage of the Chief Nature Conservator, Janusz Zaleski, thanks to the financial support provided by the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management.

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