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Co-design workshop on River Parks in Krakow

On 13th October 2020 in Krakow a workshop on municipal greenery, especially River Parks, took place. Its aim was to analyse the role of aforementioned River Parks in the development of the city, its climate adaptation and other present challenges.

During the workshop, participants discussed dangers, as well as necessary means of effective protection and development of these areas. Among the participants were city and government units, NGOs, local universities and other academic institutions representatives. The workshop had an interactive character based on the co-design formula and its effects will be used in the next stages of CLEARING HOUSE project.

First part of the workshop

Main part of the event was preceded by short, 15-minute lectures:

  1. dr hab. arch. Agata Zachariasz, prof. PK presented an idea of Kraków River Parks, their significance, as well as forms of their protection in the current strategic documents and acts of local law in Kraków;
  2. Łukasz Pawlik, Deputy Director for Greenery in Kraków Municipal Greenspace Authority (ZZM) presented the current state and perspectives of “Wisła Łączy” (the Vistula connects) programme and actions of ZZM to amplify ecosystem services provided by River Parks.

Interactive part 

The working phase of the workshop has been divided into two parts. In the first one, the participants, working in teams, diagnosed the current state of the River Parks in Kraków, identified the most important challenges of their effective protection and efficient use of provided ecosystem services.

In the second part, the groups discussed possibilities of scientific and substantive assistance from the CLEARING HOUSE project, formulating research questions based on those possibilities. The teams considered also means to include consortium members into substantive and organisational support in the implementation of ideas and innovations, the potential of this international project for protection of the River Parks and other green areas in Kraków, as well as their sustainable management.

Detailed description of the workshop and its effects might be found in our Co-Design Kraków Report.


The workshop was organized as part of the CLEARING HOUSE project, funded by the European research and innovation program H2020 (contract number 821242).

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