Water in the city (5/2014)

The book focuses on the topic of water in the city. The role of urban water ecosystems in shaping a sustainable city, in particular their impact on the quality of life of residents is being explained by diverse experts and practicioners.

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It draws attention to health, biodiversity and strengthening the ecological connections network, shaping public spaces and increasing their attractiveness, flood protection, surface and underground water quality, climate and airing of the city.

Specific solutions presented (strategic, technical, financial, systemic) indicate close links between water and green areas, confirming that it is impossible to effectively manage urban green areas in isolation from water. Similarly – it will not be possible to effectively solve quantitative and qualitative problems of water management without considering green infrastructure.

“Water in the city” is a publication directed in particular to:

  • representatives of local government administration dealing with the subject of water management;
  • decision-makers at the local level, employees of the municipal and local government sector, as well as representatives of non-governmental organizations;
  • practitioners and theoreticians of nature protection in the city;
  • all those interested in specialist issues related to water management