LAPNET provides a forum for alumni of the Summer Academy to maintain their connections with each other, foster institutional growth, promote the Sendzimir Foundation, and advance the cause of sustainable development.


Sendzimir Foundation, in all its activities, gives special attention to build partnerships with institutions, local communities and individuals. Workshops and courses organized by the Foundation usually are the beginning of long time cooperation with participants. Foundation gives them financial and organizational support to help them start their own projects.

With this philosophy, the Foundation has established an informal international network LAPNET (Learning and Practice Network), which brings together people working for sustainable development. Members of the network set up their own organizations, which also form part of LAPNET and increase its potential and opportunities for action.

LAPNET is an informal international network that brings together people that have interest in sustainable development. All participants of the Summer Academy organized by the Sendzimir Foundation became members of LAPNET. The goal of the network is to create a platform for ideas exchange, discussion on sustainable development and skills exchange and development. LAPNET is meant to keep the members updated and help them stay in touch with each other to create a space for positive social change.

LAPNET is meant to serve its members thus it is up to them in which direction the network will evolve. The first meeting of the members took place in Lodz in 2011. During that meeting using the tools they learnt over the course of the Summer Academy they brainstormed about the network, its goals, their expectations and needs. The second meeting was organized in Kartuzy in 2012. During that meeting the focus was more on actions and creation of a list of projects that the members would like to implement. In 2013 we met in Przysiek (near Torun) and in 2014 in Tomaszowice (near Cracow). Next there were several local meetingsMost recently we met in Warsaw to celebrate the 10thanniversary of operation of the Sendzimir Foundation in Poland.Since the network comprises over 350 Summer Academy Alumni from 23 countries the members stay connected using online tools.

LAPNET is an informal network thus we do not have any formal structure. All participants can be involved in the operations of the network. Joanna Klak is the main coordinator of the network – her role is to link the Sendzimir Foundation with the LAPNET members. She is in charge of the everyday communication (including facebook page,, e-newsletter). She also supervises the Regional Coordinators – they volunteer their time to support other LAPNET members.

Looking for an expert support in the field of SD?

You can contact LAPNET Coordinator ( to get contact information to LAPNET members that can provide expert advice that you are looking for. Many of Summer Academy Alumni are professionally involved in different SD related fields.

Alumni – Get involved

We invite all Alumni to join us and share your network and knowledge. You can do this at our events, of course, but also on Facebook and in our google group. You can also share details of job vacancies that may be of interest to your fellow alumni.

Perhaps you are in search of a mentor to guide you in your first steps on the job market? Or maybe you would like to become a mentor yourself? Then let us know.

If you have any questions or would like more information, you can always contact us at

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