Green Zawiercie – participation for nature in the city

In partnership with the City of Zawiercie and the consulting company Alta from Iceland, we are implementing a one-year project Zielone Zawiercie (04.2022 – 04.2023), as part of which we will develop with the residents the concepts for the development of two parks.

Project goals

Green areas in cities play a vital role. Apart from the aesthetic function, they also fulfil recreational and leisure functions. They should be a place where residents willingly come and spend their free time surrounded by nature. We want to create an opportunity for all residents of Zawiercie to speak about the functions and forms of development of green areas. We engaged leaders, representatives of institutions and organizations operating in the city, as well as members of the City Council in the design process. The project’s most important goal is to develop a concept for developing two green areas in the city with the active participation of various groups of users to take into account their needs. At the same time, we want to use the solutions of blue and green infrastructure and raise residents’ awareness about the consequences and ways of adapting to the effects of the climate crisis: droughts and flooding. We want to show inspiration and good practices in designing green areas so that they are attractive places for recreation and an oasis for the animals living in them.

Participatory planning of changes in the Kościuszko park

The first participation process concerns Kościuszko park, which is essential for the authorities and residents due to its location and historical character. The area is willingly visited but requires adaptation to the needs of various groups, development and care.

We officially launched the project at the end of May 2022 during a seminar. We met remotely with Halldora Hreggviðsdóttir, who told us about the experience of developing green areas in Iceland, introducing nature-based solutions and good practices in this area. You can see the speech here. The meeting was enriched by the presence of Magdalena Maślak, PhD, who showed how to plan parks to promote biodiversity.

In June, during the eco-picnic in Zawiercie, we jointly built a rain garden at Bocianówka. As a result, the inhabitants of Zawiercie could learn the role and function of rain gardens.

ludzie na tle zieleni

Participants of the workshop on the construction of the rain garden | 11 June

The planning phase took place during two practical workshops in June-July 2022). The program included: research walks, brainstorming, and collecting ideas in the form of a mock-up. The results were presented in September during the Public Forum.

The management concept for the Springs of the Black Przemsza River area

The second consultation process responds to the interest in the Black Przemsza Springs reflected in the civic budget, which is currently neglected. The area has the potential as a meeting place and contact with nature for the inhabitants of Bzów. Furthermore, due to its location in the Eagles’ Nests Landscape Park buffer zone, it can be a resting place for tourists using the hiking and cycling trail.

In October, we inaugurated the project during the educational festival.

ludzie w sali sportowej

Consultation point | September 10

The design workshops are planned in October and November and will be followed by the Public Forum.


The project is implemented by the Sendzimir Foundation from a grant from the Active Citizens Fund program financed by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway as part of the EEA Grants.

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