Ewa Janowska

Gained professional experience in urban issues as a youth trainer at the Warsaw City Hall. Then, for many years, she worked in the Copernicus Science Center in Warsaw, where she developed interdisciplinary events with the participation of artists and scientists and collaborated on the design of interactive exhibitions and exhibits.

In the Sendzimir Foundation, she is responsible for the Coordinator of REACHOUT and “Between drought and flood projects. The nature-based solutions in the Leśna municipality”.

Ewa is a graduate of The International People’s College in Denmark, the Institute of Archeology at the University of Warsaw, where she researched the development and topography of ancient cities (Barcino, Italica). She also studied at the Faculty of Geography and History at the Universidad de Barcelona as part of the Socrates – Erasmus program.

She is a qualified theatre instructor.

In her spare time, she visits historical and contemporary art museums,  loves reading nature books, and spending time in the garden. A supporter of the vision of the world in which man lives following biocentric ethics.

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