Sustainable Development Applications Series 4/2013 (Nature in the city - solutions)

In response to the needs signaled by the readers and users of the previous guide, the current publication presents specific technical and organizational solutions improving the management of nature in the city. 

The aim of this publication is to highlight the practical issues of managing the natural environment in modern cities. Based in the concept of ecosystem services this guide discusses specific technical, legal and organizational solutions  complemented by inspiring examples and case studies. The guide is aimed first and foremost  at local governments as it indicates the possibilities of developing green policies in cities. But it can also be of great interest to anyone who is concerned about the urban green spaces and urban trees.

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Table of contents:


Technical solutions

The planning and principles of tree protection in the investment process - Monika Ziemiańska, Marzena Suchocka 

Replacement tree planting in cities: key problems related to  administrative decisions - Jan Łukaszkiewicz 

Structural soils and other ways of facilitating tree growth  in the difficult habitat conditions of cities - Marzena Suchocka 

The protection of urban trees and the perceived  safety hazard - Edyta Rosłon-Szeryńska 

Tree protection at the construction site - Monika Ziemiańska, Marzena Suchocka 

Organizational solutions

Unconventional forms of interdisciplinary collaboration in shaping  urban greenery: the example of London - Kasper Jakubowski 

Innovative ways of supporting the establishment of green infrastructure in cities: collaboration of local authorities with investors and property owners - Aleksandra Kaźmierczak 

Geographic information systems in participatory management of nature in the city - Michał Czepkiewicz 

Balancing inner city development and biodiversity  protection on urban wastelands – the Central Railway Area of Munich - Rieke Hansen 

The local spatial management plan as a tool for  nature management in the city - Agata Burlińska 

Blue aspects of green infrastructure - Iwona Wagner, Kinga Krauze, Maciej Zalewski 

Good practices in fundraising for nature management in cities