Sustainable Development Applications series 3/2012 (Polish TEEB Guide for Cities)

The guide "Nature in the city. Ecosystem services - the untapped potential of Cities" is a publication for practitioners of nature management. It encourages  to use the potential of nature to ensure a higher quality of life in Polish cities. The guide includes both Polish experiences and good practices from abroad. 
The publication has obtained the official status of "Polish guide TEEB for Cities".

Below you can view the e-book version of the series and download each article separately or as one file.

Preface of the Secretary of the State, Ministry of Environment, introduction

1. Urban ecosystem services - Jakub Kronenberg

2. Barriers to preserving urban trees and ways of overcoming them - Jakub Kronenberg

3. Public participation in decision making on urban nature - Krystyna Pawłowska

4. How to assess the value of nature? Valuation of street trees in Lodz city center - Marek Giergiczny

5. Urban water ecosystem services - Anna Januchta-Szostak

6. Good practices in the use of ecosystem services

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