Sustainable Development Applications series 2/2011

The second issue of Sustainable Development - Applications Series describes selected projects realized by the Sendzimir Foundation. This issue is divided into three sections: the first section presents projects realized in cooperation with local governments and discusses the method used by the Foundation in education for sustainable development; the second section is dedicated to projects realized in cooperation with business entities; the third section highlights implications of sustainable development for development cooperation policy.

Below you can view the e-book version of the series and download each article separately or as one file.


1. Using the ISIS method in education for sustainable development - Karolina Maliszewska

2. Good practices of the integrated municipal management - Tomasz Bergier

3. Karwno — towards a rural learning community - Piotr Bielski

4. Sustainable development in the context of place and local community — Tomaszowice Manor - Jakub Kronenberg

5. Green roofs as an opportunity for sustainable development in urban areas - Angelika Kowalczyk

6. Sustainable development in the cement industry - Patrycja Romaniuk

7. From development aid to development cooperation - on NGOs’ activities for international development - Magdalena Trojanek

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