Sendzimir Foundation Publications

The Sendzimir Foundation publishes books in both English and Polish. All of them are available for dowload for free:

Challenges of Sustainable Development in Poland” textbook was published in 2010 and can also be ordered in print from our office. It covers most important issues related to sustainability in Poland with many practical tools and case studies.

Since 2010 we have been publishing an annual series “Sustainable Development Applications”. The first issue (2010) focused on sustainable development of local communities. The second issue (2011) provided a review of current work on sustainable development in Poland. The third thematic issue (2012)  focused on urban ecosystem services and it has been officially recognized as the “Polish TEEB Guide for Cities”. The fourth issue (2013) responds to the needs signalized by the readers of the third issue and elaborates on technical and organizational solutions for sustainable green spaces management in cities. 

Challenges of Sustainable Development in Poland - textbook

This book is at once a guide for sustainable development professionals and a handbook for those interested in further studies on sustainability. It not only explains and exemplifies the issues of sustainability discussed herein, but it also offers a resource for practitioners in business, local authorities, non-governmental organisations and indeed individuals, wanting to undertake activities directed towards sustainable development.

Sustainable Development Applications Series 5/2015 (Water in the City)

Following on two guidebooks on urban greenery: “Nature in the City” and “Nature in the City – Solutions”, the Sendzimir Foundation prepared the next thematic publication in the “Sustainable Development Applications” Series. The new guidebook focuses on the subject of water in the city. It highlights the importance of urban water ecosystems for sustainable development of a city, with a special emphasis on the inhabitants’ quality of life, including health, urban biodiversity and ecosystem services, complex and active ecological networks, high quality public space, flood control, water and air quality.

The new guidebook presents the actual solutions (strategic, technical, financial and system ones), which focus on the strong dependence between water and greenery in the city, and shows the necessity to integrate the urban greenery management with water management.

Sustainable Development Applications Series 4/2013 (Nature in the city - solutions)

In response to the needs signaled by the readers and users of the previous guide, the current publication presents specific technical and organizational solutions improving the management of nature in the city. 

The aim of this publication is to highlight the practical issues of managing the natural environment in modern cities. Based in the concept of ecosystem services this guide discusses specific technical, legal and organizational solutions  complemented by inspiring examples and case studies. The guide is aimed first and foremost  at local governments as it indicates the possibilities of developing green policies in cities. But it can also be of great interest to anyone who is concerned about the urban green spaces and urban trees.

Sustainable Development Applications series 3/2012 (Polish TEEB Guide for Cities)

The guide "Nature in the city. Ecosystem services - the untapped potential of Cities" is a publication for practitioners of nature management. It encourages  to use the potential of nature to ensure a higher quality of life in Polish cities. The guide includes both Polish experiences and good practices from abroad. 
The publication has obtained the official status of "Polish guide TEEB for Cities".

Sustainable Development Applications series 2/2011

The second issue of Sustainable Development - Applications Series describes selected projects realized by the Sendzimir Foundation. This issue is divided into three sections: the first section presents projects realized in cooperation with local governments and discusses the method used by the Foundation in education for sustainable development; the second section is dedicated to projects realized in cooperation with business entities; the third section highlights implications of sustainable development for development cooperation policy.

Sustainable Development Applications series 1/2010

The first edition of the annual series ‘Sustainable Development Applications’, as the name suggests, presents how sustainabledevelopment is being used in practice, focusing on methods and tools which combine economic development, raising quality of life and preservation of natural resources. First edition’s main theme is sustainable development at the local level. This issue consists of two parts: the first deals with the sewage management issues in Zawoja, the second deals with local sustainable development challenges in general.