Sendzimir Foundation Projects

Sendzimir Foundation Projects

Sendzimir Foundation implements participatory, educational and practical projects addressed to representatives of local communities, business, NGOs and academia.
Our projects can be divided into three categories:

  • Participatory projects - supporting the processes of participatory decision-making, public consultation; related to the elaboration of procedures and solutions involving various stakeholders; providing tools for sustainability management at the local level;
  • Educational projects - promoting knowledge and good practices in the field of sustainable development in the form of workshops, training and publications;
  • Practical projects - implementing practical solutions for blue-green infrastructure, or other activities and projects for sustainable local development.

Below you can find more information on the projects that are currently ran by our Team.

Common actions for biodiversity

We begin the realisation of a new project that supports 15 Initiatives for Nature initiated by the inhabitants of the cities. Till the end of 2017 we will help engaged citizens to create places that will support biodiversity, water retention and nature protection.

Hosting Social Innovation Project

We live in a society, in which people feel a pressing need to go out and change something, instead of staying at home and look at society from the outside. Active citizens want to live their ideas, visions and also want to state their opinions. The project „Hosting Social Innovation“ will help us to transform in such a society with active citizens. It will empower people to take care of their social and ecological environment more actively.

Count on green. Participatory management of nature in the city

The aim of the Count on green project is to implement innovative methods for managing nature in three Polish cities (Krakow, Lodz, Poznan) based on cross-sector cooperation and involvement of residents.

Project brochure [PDF]

Ecosystem services for sustainable development of cities

It is an educational project, promoting the ecosystem services approach among Polish stakeholders.

To learn more about the project please click here.

Ecosystem services in urban areas seminar 2011



Synthesizing different perspectives on the value of urban ecosystem services

Seminar and workshop

Date: 15–16 July 2011

Venue: University of Lodz, Poland

Selected papers from the seminar have been published in the special issue of Landscape and Urban Planning (vol. 109, no. 1)

View seminar presentations

Grants competition

Small Grants Competition

Small Grants Competition (SGC) is one of the projects organized by The Sendzimir Foundation to activate the graduates of Summer Academy ChoSD by providing a financial, organizational and substantive support for the small projects and initiatives promoting the idea of sustainable development. Call for applications starts in July.