Sendzimir Foundation Team

The Sendzimir Foundation has three board members and the main office in Warsaw. We currently employ one person of the permanent staff and we closely cooperate with a dozen of experts and trainers who reliase the activities under the projects we run.

The Council has advisory role to the Board and supports the managment in the development of the Foundation

Sendzimir Foundation Board
1. Karolina Maliszewska - President
2. Tomasz Bergier - Vicepresident
3. Jakub Kronenberg - Board Member
4. Ilona Gosk - The Executive Director 

Sendzimir Foundation Council
1. Jan Sendzimir
2. Agnieszka Czachowska
3. Piotr Magnuszewski


How to reach us?

Sendzimir Foundation Office in Warsaw:; +48 22 350 67 68, fax +48 22 350 67 58 


Management Board

Karolina Maliszewska (T: +48 607 600 607; karolina.maliszewska(at)

Tomasz Bergier (tomasz.bergier(at)

Jakub Kronenberg (jakub.kronenberg(at)


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