Hosting Social Innovation Project

We live in a society, in which people feel a pressing need to go out and change something, instead of staying at home and look at society from the outside. Active citizens want to live their ideas, visions and also want to state their opinions. The project „Hosting Social Innovation“ will help us to transform in such a society with active citizens. It will empower people to take care of their social and ecological environment more actively.

Goals: The aim oft he project is to show the importance of social and economical innovation and to provide specific tools, which will help the participants to implement their ideas and visions. The outcome during the workshops will not only be used by the participants, but also saved in an online data base, so there is a broader way to reach visionaries.

Partnership: Four organizations from four different European countries will be part of this alliance. All of them have experience in projects on the local and international level. This specific combination of organizations from different sectors allows the project to offer knowledge in all kind of areas such as knowledge transfer, education, craft and art. This link between those different areas and also a lot of work experience of the hosts are a good basement for creativity and transformation.

Expected outputs and products:

  1. Methodological and resource database
  2. Curriculum and didactical materials for a trainer workshop
  3. Curriculum and didactical materials for eco-social innovation workshop
  4. Free online workbook
  5. Short films
  6. Three six week e-learning courses, which will be organized and taught in English, Polish and German (the recruitment is open)

Expected outcomes:  By the end of the project there are more than 5000 people, who know about the benefits of eco-social innovation. The workshop participants should have the chance to change their mindset, so the topic “Hosting Eco-Soial Innovation” at different levels touches them. Last but not least people will have knowledge about the fact how transformational leadership and innovative hosting can empower people to take care of their social and ecological environment more actively and also be able to use different tools to spread the idea of an active society.


plenum gmbh × Austria ×

Netzwerk für Innovationen × Germany ×

Art Monastery × Italy ×

Sendzimir Foundation × Poland ×