Count on green - results of the project

Time for a summary of the project "Count on green" and our research on the platform The material is available under CC (Creative Commons).

The report "A fresh look at greenery. Geo-questionnaires: a new source of information about a city" is a brief overview of the main conclusions and results of the project "Count on green".

Read the raport.

We have also prepared maps with the results of the study (in Polish): 

  • maps with assessment of greenery in the nearest surrounding of place of residence, divided into districts and settlements;
  • maps of selected routes surrounded by greenery;
  • maps of places which lack greenery or places where greenery is neglected/poorly arranged (examples from Krakow, Lodz and Poznan).

All materials are on

For more information - please contact Renata Putkowska (project coordinator,