VISIS workshops

Sendzimir Foundation is the representative of AtKisson Group in Poland.

The Foundation Team was trained by Alan AtKisson who developed VISIS method on how to apply the tools which are part of the ISIS Accelerator. The tools support the implementation of the principles of sustainable development in business and local communities.

Those of you who would be interested in using VISIS tools in sustainability planning and trainings in your organisation, institution or company, we welcome to contact the Sendzimir Foundation at: office(at)

VISIS method

VISIS Accelerator is a set of tools that enables effective planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of sustainable development in companies as well as in local communities.

VISIS method was developed by experts and international consultants of AtKisson Group network. The name is an acronym of the following worlds: Vision, Indicators, Systems, Innovation and Strategy.

VISIS tools were used so far by many global corporations (e.g. Toyota, Volvo, Nike), UNEP, NGOs (e.g. WWF), cities and regions (e.g. Pittsburgh, New Orleans - USA; Adelaide - Australia; Sztokholm, Mjolby - Sweden;) and governmental bodies (e.g. Regional Development Ministry of Latvia).

In Poland we used the VISIS tools while working with local communities Kraków, Środa Sląska, Jaworzno and many others, with companies, NGOs and expert groups.





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