Sendzimir Foundation trainings

Summer Academy Challenges of Sustainable Development

Three-week Summer Academy the Challenges of Sustainable Development is one of the most important educational events connected to sustainability in Poland. More than 410 people took part in it since 1998. Since the 12th edition we accept also participants from abroad.

In 2014 the Summer Academy will be organised in the surroundings of Cracow between the 6th-25th of July 2014.

Application closed on the 6th of March 2014.

The Academy enjoys growing interest from participants from different countries - In 2012 around 400 people applied to take part in it. The competition is high but those who do get accepted praise the high standard of the training.

E-learning course

We would like to invite you to take part in our two-step e-learning course, in English, that will take part from March to May 2014. Even if it is e-learning course, it will be intensive and interactive. Participants will be under constant supervision of tutors. They will also contact them via e-mail and chat-sessions.

Applications were open till 6th of March 2014. We encourage you to apply next year.

ISIS workshops

ISIS AtKisson Group

Sendzimir Foundation is the representative of AtKisson Group in Poland.

The Foundation Team was trained by Alan AtKisson who developed ISIS method on how to apply the tools which are part of the ISIS Accelerator. The tools support the implementation of the principles of sustainable development in business and local communities.

Those of you who would be interested in using ISIS tools in sustainability planning and trainings in your organisation, institution or company, we welcome to contact the Sendzimir Foundation at: office(at)

Expert trainings

Foundation offers public and private trainings in the domain of:

  • Theory and practice of sustainable development
  • Sustainable development in project management
  • ISIS workshops – the process of planning of sustainable development
  • Implementing the innovation in favour of sustainable development
  • Natural resources management – Fish Business Game
  • Sustainable supply chain management
  • Business vs. local community