Keynote speakers

Professor Jürgen H. Breuste, Paris-Lodron-University, Salzburg

Urban Ecosystem services on the local level: Urban green spaces as providers of urban ecosystem services

Jürgen H. Breuste holds a professorship in Geography/Urban Ecology at Paris-Lodron-University Salzburg (Austria) (born 1956). He studied geography at Martin-Luther University Halle/Wittenberg from where he got his Ph.D. 1982 and his second graduation 1986. He was university lecturer for geography, geo-ecology and urban ecology at the German universities in Halle, Greifswald, Dresden and Leipzig and headed the department of Urban Landscape at the Environmental Research Centre Leipzig/Halle for 10 years before his actual position in 2001. He is Honorary Professor of East China Normal University Shanghai, China, member of several scientific boards and president of the International Society of Urban Ecology (SURE). He has worked as project leader in a number of research projects on urban ecology and urban development at EU level and in other international cooperation. He specialises in urban ecosystem research, nature protection and modelling of urban development. Website.


Professor Dagmar Haase, Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research – UFZ, Leipzig, and Humboldt Universität, Berlin

Integrating urban ecosystem service(s) provisioning for urban regions – synergies, trade-offs and losses

Since 2009 Dagmar Haase holds the professorship of Landscape Ecology at the Department of Geography at the Humboldt University of Berlin. She works further as a guest scientist at the UFZ continuing her work on urban land use change modelling, urban ecosystem services and flood risk assessment. She coordinated research activities on urban land consumption and impact assessment at the UFZ within the UFZ-Research Group on Urban Monitoring and Modelling (2006-2009) and modelling activities „Sustainable Impact Assessment in Urban Regions” within the EU-Integrated Project „PLUREL – Peri-urban land use relationships, Strategies and sustainability assessment tools for urban-rural linkages” (2007-2010). Website.


Dr Åsa Jansson, Beijer Institute of Ecological Economics, Stockholm

The essentiality of combining the ecology "of" cities with the ecology "in" cities, for safeguarding a sustainable delivery of ecosystem services to city inhabitants over time

Åsa Jansson’s background is in quantifying different ecosystem services in different ecosystems and over different scales. Already in 1997, together with Carl Folke, she addressed the issue of viewing the city as an ecosystem and as a part of the surrounding landscape. They pointed out the fact that cities cannot exist over time without the input of surrounding ecosystems and their ability to generate ecosystem services. Together with Johan Colding, in a publication from 2006, she showed that the scale of effective management strategies might not be the same as the scale at which the ecosystem service is generated, due to the fact that we live in a social-ecological systems context. In more recent work, together with Steven Polasky, she tried to quantitatively show the importance of biodiversity in urban landscapes for providing citizens with ecosystem services as well as for building resilience. In future research she plans to focus on the connection between cities and the global scale. How do cities affect the global patterns of ecosystem service appropriation and how vulnerable are cities to e.g. change in precipitation patterns in other parts of the world, in a food security context? How do we create sustainable cities in the future based on the world view that functioning ecosystems are the basis for the welfare and survival of city inhabitants? She also has experience in developing theory and methods on valuation and accounting of ecosystem services via the IWAP project together with Professor Karl-Göran Mäler et al. Website.

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