We also produce educational videos that you can find below or on our youtube channel.

The pictures from diverse projects can be found in their galleries.


Start transformation! Watch the films to learn how...

A series of short educational films presenting diverse methods supporting social innovation was realised inder the Hosting Social Innovation project in cooperation with our Partners.

Enköping-Zawoja-Karpacz: Good practices from Sweden

Film from the study visit of local communities representatives to Sweden (12-16 october 2010).

The goal of the visit was to get to know innovative solutions for local sustainable development. The film is available only in Polish, except for some parts of interviews.


ISIS – how to engage stakeholders in decision making?

The Sendzimir Foundation has just produces 3 short video films related to the project Challenges of Sustainable Development in 2010. They are only in Polish but the ISIS method in one of them is being presented in English so if you want to see the way we work with the AtKisson Group tools we encourage you to see it!