Sendzimir Foundation's mission is to promote sustainable development through the promotion and practical implementation of the objectives, principles, values and tools related to it, and increasing public awareness in this regard.

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In particular, the Foundation aims are:

  1. Initiation and development of sustainable partnerships Foundation, universities, government and local government, NGOs, as well as representatives of business and industry; 
  2. Promoting social inclusion and participatory democracy, and activating all social groups, particularly those at risk to remain on the margins of society; 
  3. Active in education and research leading to the establishment of eco-conscious society; 
  4. Protecting and improving the environment; 
  5. Promoting environmentally-friendly economy and socially responsible.

The Foundation pursues its objectives by the following actions:

  1. Initiate, support and implementation of educational projects of interest to the Foundation, particularly related to sustainable development, ecology, environmental protection, environmental engineering, environmental engineering, systemic thinking, adaptation management, social responsibility of business, economic environment, sustainable transport; 
  2. Initiating and conducting research of interest to the Foundation; 
  3. Developing, implementing and promoting innovative solutions modeled on natural systems and based on the latest scientific research; 
  4. Promoting and spreading knowledge about technology to reduce consumption of natural resources; 
  5. Promoting and developing solutions to enhance the autonomy and the independence of local communities, aimed at building civil society; 
  6. Organizing and participating in conferences, workshops, odczytach, seminars, training courses, exhibitions, competitions, events, etc. The theme of the Foundation's activity; 
  7. His advice in support of universities, institutions of public administration and companies in the development and practical implementation of organizational structures and activities that lead to sustainable development; 
  8. The collection, recording and dissemination of knowledge in the field of interest covered by the Foundation, including publishing business; 
  9. Help and advice on environmental protection and sustainable development; 
  10. Examined the quality of the individual components of the environment; 
  11. Promoting healthy lifestyles; 
  12. Promoting physical culture and sport; 
  13. Support for culture, art and the protection of cultural heritage and traditions; 
  14. Supporting the development of rural areas, especially environment-friendly farming and ecotourism; 
  15. Promoting the rights of the consumer, responsible consumption and fair trade; 
  16. Promoting and protecting freedom and human rights and civil liberties, as well as assisting the development of democracy; 
  17. International cooperation and the development of contacts between societies, including European integration; 
  18. Action for Youth; 
  19. Supporting the financial and technical organizations and initiatives with the statutory objectives of the Foundation; 
  20. Participation in administrative proceedings concerning matters related to the interference in the environment; submission of proposals, objections, appeals against administrative decisions.