Grants competition

Small Grants Competition

Small Grants Competition (SGC) is one of the projects organized by The Sendzimir Foundation to activate the graduates of Summer Academy ChoSD by providing a financial, organizational and substantive support for the small projects and initiatives promoting the idea of sustainable development. Call for applications starts in July.

Each year we fund from one to three projects which get the chance to receive funding up to 6 000 PLN each.

The applications are being assessed taking into consideration the following factors:

  • compliance with the principles of sustainable development,
  • originality of the project,
  • budget transparency,
  • the possibility to continue the project in the future,
  • cooperation with other partners and
  • the probability of the educational effect.

In SGC project we particularly await the projects that aims:

  • helping Polish society and local communities to develop the capacity to cooperation in different conditions, particularly in the ever-changing social and environmental situation;
  • the development of civil society;
  • the improving state of the environment;
  • the transfer of technological innovations and scientific discoveries to practice;
  • the education in the field of sustainable development;
  • promoting the cooperation of researchers  the local community members and local authorities.

The primary objective of the SGC is the activation of summer school graduates to implement the knowledge gained in the field of sustainable development through the voluntary organisation of small projects. Thus, the competition is to strengthen the network of highly qualified people in the field of sustainable development, who by the practice in the implementation of small projects will actively seek further work in this area. Gaining experience in a real action will allow the winners to feel the satisfaction that flows from the practical use of acquired knowledge and skills. Independently realized project may also be for its coordinator a chance to meet a potential employers, and enrich his professional experience, which might be relevant on labor market.

To apply please fill in 2 attachments that you can find below and send them to

2014 applications are accepted between 18th of July 2014 and 15th of September 2014. 



Below you can read more about projects that have been granted in SGC in the previous editions 

SGC 2013

"Pszkoła" ("Beeschool") is a project designed by Wiktoria Kowalińska (ChoSD 2013) and Julia Jankowska (ChoSD 2012). One of us lives in a big city, the other in a small village, but we are both passionate about biodiversity protection. "Pszkoła" aims to educate about the danger that bees and other pollinators are facing through two workshops: in Cracow and the village of Dobków (Lower Silesia). Workshop in Cracow took place on 10th of May 2014. Participants had a possibility to touch, smell and taste different bee products, peeked into the beehive and made their own "houses" for the red mason bee. Workshop in Dobków will take place in May 2015, complemented by a bee-friendly garden created in the Sudety Educational Farm. You can read more on (only in Polish).









SGC 2012

The goal of The tool library for the student community in Gothenburg was to provide students with basic tools in order to encourage sharing and a sense of community while reducing environmental impact by discouraging over-consumption and to decrease ecological footprint of student community.

Marina Povitkina, project coordinator says:

The opening day took place on the 17th of March at noon in the inner yards of the housing area with a workshop on how to fix a bike yourself.(...) The tool library was initially designed as a long-term project, which would encourage people to use resources more sustainably. Each new resident in the area will receive a brochure with the information about the tool library, how it works, its main principles, goals and effects, contact information of the tool librarian and the list of tools available for borrowing. So far, around 100 people benefited from the project.

You can read more about the project on Marina’s blog.

SGC 2011

The conference “Thinking about the future was held on February 11 in Śrem, Wielkopolska Region. The aim of the conference was to acquaint young people with the idea of ​​sustainable development. Participants took part in the workshops, lectures and discussions, during which young people learned what is sustainable development and how to obtain the information regarding the process of applying for some funds to implement their own projects and ideas. In addition, participants discussed what actions for the local community they can take on their own initiative and how the normal daily activity can bring us closer to sustainable development. The biggest impression on the participants made ​​a pyramid workshop session, during which they debated over the causes of climate change and actions that can stop this phenomenon.


Another project was “Green Adrenaline”. According to the information written by the coordinator on the project’s blog, the main goal of this event is to make some aesthetics improvement of block settlements and integration of their inhabitants. For this purpose it is planned to gain the public participation of inhabitants in creating projects of garden squares with providing them the assistance of professionals: practitioners and researchers.

The action started April 13th 2012 (Friday) at 4.30 pm in Wroclaw, Poland and was quite a success!

 Project “At any age for the environment” aimed to integrate and build the intergenerational ties between the groups of seniors and children from poor families through the joint implementation of activities which have a positive impact on the environment.

This kind of workshops and research stimulates interest of nature among children and promotes a sustainable pattern of consumption through the inspiration of using the available raw materials and secondary waste to produce valuable new products. Moreover, this project involving the elderly, for whom age is often the cause of ill-treatment or discrimination, shows how important may be their knowledge and life experience for the educating the younger generation.



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