About foundation

About foundation

The Foundation was created to help Polish society in finding solutions to complex environmental, economic and social problems. The mission of the Sendzimir Foundation is to initiate and support educational, research and practical activities aiming at development of ecologically conscious civil society, and to the improvement of environmental quality. The Foundation promotes local, national and international initiatives that enhance the quality of life with respect to natural balance and rational use of natural resources. The Foundation attaches particular importance to building sustainable relationships with public institutions, societies, business and other projects' participants, that are based on profound partnership in project implementation.



Sendzimir Foundation's mission is to promote sustainable development through the promotion and practical implementation of the objectives, principles, values and tools related to it, and increasing public awareness in this regard.

Sendzimir Foundation Team

The Sendzimir Foundation has three board members and the main office in Warsaw. We currently employ one person of the permanent staff and we closely cooperate with a dozen of experts and trainers who reliase the activities under the projects we run.

The Council has advisory role to the Board and supports the managment in the development of the Foundation


The Foundation owes its existence and inspiration to Sendzimir Tadeusz and Berthe Sendzimir. Tadeusz Sendzimir, a famous polish engineer, before his death he provided the will to create a foundation, whose mission would be to promote the principles of sustainable development in Poland in all possible ways. He thought that the only reasonable way to guarantee an adequate level of life of its countrymen is the integration of political, economic and social principles for the implementation of social justice and sustainable development. In all actions must therefore take into account the protection of natural resources and treasures of the region.

The Sendzimir Foundation since 1998 promotes and supports all local and national initiatives which aim is to improve the quality of life while keeping the environmental balance and adequate use of natural resources.


Sendzimir Foundation, in all its activities, gives special attention to build partnership with institutions, local communities and individuals. Workshops and courses organized by the Foundation usually are the beginning of long time cooperation with participants. Foundation gives them financial and organizational support to help them start their own projects.

With this philosophy, the Foundation has established an informal international network LAPNET (Learning and Practice Network), which brings together people working for sustainable development. Members of the network set up their own organizations, which also form part of the LAPNET and increase its potential and opportunities for action.



Without our partners we would not be able to achieve our goals. The support that we receive from the business sector as well as self-government enables us to execute our projects.

The cooperation with universities and educational bodies allows us to ensure the high substantial level.