Hosting social innovation project is completed!

For two years, thanks to the EU Erasmus+ project "Hosting Social Innovation", we had the opportunity to deal intensively with the questions: How can we support people and organizations in change towards innovation? All four partners, Plenum  (Austria), The Art Monastery Project (Italy),  Visionautik Akademie (Gemany) and the Sendzimir Foundation have put their enthusiasm, hard work and the joy of cocreation into this project.

Start transformation! Watch the films to learn how...

A series of short educational films presenting diverse methods supporting social innovation was realised inder the Hosting Social Innovation project in cooperation with our Partners.

Panel discussion with social innovators online

We would like to invite you to take part in a panel discussion with social innovators, who will share with you their experience in implementation of social innovation for sustainability. The discussion will be led by Petra Pocanic on the 29th of May at 6PM CEST (GMT+2) and you will be able to meet: Liat Rogel (Service and Social Designer, founder of HousingLab, MilanoSocial), Melinda Varfi (MSc Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability, Programming and partnerships, HUB Budapest) and Liz Maxwell (Product Manager, SOCAP 365).

Those of you who are interested in taking part in this event would you please let us know at

Hosting Social Innovation e-learning course

Do you want to facilitate creative meetings and innovation processes with ease?

Join the free online course about hosting social innovation!

We would like to invite you to take part in our e-learning course, that will take place from 24th of April through 4th of June 2017. It will be an interactive e-learning intensive. Participants will be collaborating with one another in pairs and small groups with ample support from tutors.

The registration for the English version is closed but if you would like to take part in the German version please register HERE. The course starts on the 8th of May.

Social Innovation Workbook

Under the project Hosting Social Innovation we developed a free online workbook in English for those who work on their ability to be social innovation hosts. Many other language versions are available here.

Innovation methods database

We encourage you to use our freshly developed Innovation Methods Database. It is a collection of easly researchable methods that can be used by facilitators and innvation hosts to work with groups as well as individuals. The database is a result of our common effort with other partner organisations of the Hosting Social Innovation project, funded by Erasmus+.


The recruitment is open till the end of August 2016 (early bird till the end of June only).

We live at a time during which people feel a growing need to go out and make change, instead of staying at home and looking at the world from the outside. To support these active citizens, we urgently need people who host, facilitate, moderate, support, inspire, guide and empower others during critical innovation phases or visionary development processes.

Within the Erasmus+ Project „Hosting Social Innovation“ we are launching a pilot program that will bolster those important hosting competencies.

Sustainable Development Applications Journal No. 5 (Water in the City) is now available on-line!

The new thematic issue of Sustainable Development Applications journal focuses on the importance of water in the city.

The new guidebook presents the actual solutions (strategic, technical, financial and system ones), which focus on the strong dependence between water and greenery in the city, and shows the necessity to integrate the urban greenery management with water management.

The journal is available for download here.


Count on green - results of the project

Time for a summary of the project "Count on green" and our research on the platform The material is available under CC (Creative Commons).

Count on green. Participatory management of nature in the city

The aim of the Count on green project is to implement innovative methods for managing nature in three Polish cities (Krakow, Lodz, Poznan) based on cross-sector cooperation and involvement of residents.

Project brochure [PDF]

Special issue of Landscape and Urban Planning featuring articles from our seminar

Selected papers from the seminar on urban ecosystem services which we organized in Lodz in July 2011 have now been published in the special issue of Landscape and Urban Planning (vol. 109, no. 1).

The objective of this special issue has been to bring together the various perspectives on the value of urban ecosystem services and discuss the potential of merging and synthesizing these perspectives. Ultimately, this should lay foundations for a more sustainable management of ecosystem services in urban areas.

Greening European Cities Coalition

The Sendzimir Foundation is part of Greening European Cities Coalition.

European Commission: Sendzimir Foundation research as a one of the most important scientific articles of the week

Our research has been featured in Science for Environment Policy, a news allert issued by the European Commission, DG Environment, as a one of the 6 most important scientific articles of the week. 

Challenges of Sustainable Development in Poland - textbook

This book is at once a guide for sustainable development professionals and a handbook for those interested in further studies on sustainability. It not only explains and exemplifies the issues of sustainability discussed herein, but it also offers a resource for practitioners in business, local authorities, non-governmental organisations and indeed individuals, wanting to undertake activities directed towards sustainable development.